Trap Range

Trap Range Schedule


  • Wed   9AM
  • Sat    9AM
  • Sun   12:30PM

We shoot until we’re done shooting so, arrive as close to the start time as possible.











How does Trap work?

Trap is a very simple game. 5 shooters all stand on the same line and shoot clay targets as they move away from the shooters.

A round of Trap is 25 targets/shots.

  • The round begins with the shooter on station #1. This shooter is the squad leader.
  • Each shooter shoots at one target at a time.
  • Once all shooters have shot 5 times, they move one station to the right. The shooter on station #5 moves to station #1.
  • Once everyone is at the new station, the squad leader (who is now on station #2) starts again.
  • This process continues until all shooters have shot 5 shots at each station.

Trap is very easy to learn, but very difficult to master.