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Safety is of primary concern to the club officers and members of the Tehachapi Sportsman Club (TSC). Safety is the responsibility of everyone who uses the range.
Any violations of range rules will not be tolerated.

4 Basic Rules of Gun Safety

  1. Always treat every gun as though it were loaded.

  2. Never cover anything with the muzzle you’re not willing to destroy.

  3. Always keep your finger off the trigger until pointed in at the intended target.

  4. Always be aware of your target and what’s in line with it.


Tehachapi Sportsman Club Range Rules

  1. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs allowed on range premises.
  2. Everyone on the range must obey the basic safety rules and all club rules.
  3. All shooters under the age of 18 must be under the direct supervision of an adult who must be present with the shooter at the immediate shooting station.
  4. All firearms must be brought onto and off the range in an unloaded condition. Law enforcement officers and holders of a valid CCW permit are exempt from this rule.
  5. Members are responsible for the actions of their guests and must accompany their guest for the entire time they are present at the range.
  6. Members are never permitted to give the range lock combination to anyone.
  7. Members will clean up after using the range and will leave the range in as good or better condition than it was found.
  8. When entering the range, be sure to raise the red flag and lock the gate.
  9. When leaving the range, the last person to leave will lower the red flag and lock the gate.
  10. The gate may be left open if under the supervision of a range master. Range masters can leave the gate open only during club sponsored events.
  11. Bottles, cans, metallic or other non-standard targets are not allowed at any time.
  12. Firing at rocks either on the ground or berms, or any object on the hillside is not allowed.
  13. Do not attach targets to any upright support. Use only the backboard plywood between the posts.
  14. Do not place targets on the ground.
  15. Clay targets are permitted on the MPR and Trap range ONLY and must be placed on the berms. Placement must be at least 4 feet from the top of the berm.
  16. Live ammunition may not be disposed of in the trashcans.
  17. Shotguns and rifles may not be used on the pistol range. Rifles chambered in .22LR are OK.
  18. All shooters will temporarily cease fire whenever anyone is down range or on the north side of our property, from our back fence to the top of the hill beyond. Consider the range closed if this area is occupied by anyone.
  19. The only size of shot allowed on the Trap and Skeet ranges is #7 ½ or smaller.
  20. Fully automatic firearms are permitted for law enforcement training only by prior approval by a vote of the membership at a regular monthly meeting.
  21. Armor piercing, incendiary ammunition, as well as projectiles containing any steel are not allowed to be fired on the range.
  22. No vandalism of any kind will be tolerated.
  23. Any person found violating basic safety rules and/or club rules will be given a hearing by the board. This hearing may result in a dismissal from the club or loss of club privileges for a period of time deemed by the board to be appropriate to the violation.
  24. All firearms will be pointed down range at all times.
  25. Cross range shooting is not permitted.
  26. Before using the pistol range, check for people at the 200 and 300 yard rifle ranges. Do not start shooting until these ranges are clear and people are back at the firing line.
  27. A ten minute target marking period will be observed every half hour when multiple shooters occupy the range. The pistol range must be checked and a cease fire called, before going down to the 200 and/or 300 yard targets. During a cease fire, all firing lines shall be closed and firearms must be unloaded, actions open, grounded or holstered, and no firearms will be handled as long as a person is in front of the firing line. Upon returning to the firing line, inform all shooters that the range is open.
  28. Only arrows are allowed at the archery range.
  29. Be respectful of others. Criminal activity, being argumentative or disruptive, profanity, coarse or abusive language, and actions, will not be tolerated.


This club shall be named the TEHACHAPI SPORTSMAN CLUB, here and after known as the TEHACHAPI SPORTSMAN CLUB. This club is organized to promote conservation of wildlife, preserve second amendment rights, to promote and participate in shotgunning, rifle, pistol and archery, to influence the proper protection of game and fish and to foster good fellowship among sportsmen.


a) The applicants for membership in this club shall consist of any person of at least 18 years of age who is of good character with an interest of furthering the goals of the club.
b) Applicants for membership shall be admitted or denied membership by a vote of members present at monthly meetings.
c) Any person may have membership denied by one dissenting vote if good cause is presented by the dissenting member and sustained by a majority vote of the membership present.



(The aforementioned officers shall also constitute the executive board.)


a) President: The president shall preside over all general and executive board meetings. The President shall appoint, as needed, all committees.
b) Vice President: The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all duties of the President. The Vice President shall supervise the range maintenance personnel.
c) Secretary: The Secretary shall be the custodian of the club charter and By-Laws and all other records of the club. The Secretary shall take. minutes of the meetings, issue membership cards, and insure writing and mailing of the newsletter. The Secretary shall be custodian of all other records not specifically designated of to the responsibility of another elected officer or appointed club member.
d) Treasurer: The Treasurer shall collect and be responsible for all monies due the club from all sources (including but not limited to: membership dues, shooting events, or any club function during the appointed term of office). The Treasurer shall pay all club debts or obligations as authorized by vote of the general membership. The Treasurer shall file Federal income tax returns (IRS form 990).and California State income tax returns (CA form 199) for each calendar year. The Treasurer shall maintain an itemized, categorized, and consolidated record of all monies received or paid. The treasurer shall be custodian of any checking or savings amounts in the club’s name. All checks drawn on club accounts shall be signed by any two bank approved board members. The Treasurer shall keep records of property or inventory held in the club’s name. The Treasurer shall prepare and present a financial report at each monthly meeting.
e) Sergeant at Arms: The Sergeant at Arms shall help maintain order at all meetings and shall, when necessary, check membership cards at meetings and other club functions. The Sergeant at Arms shall perform other appropriate duties as directed by the board or as needed.
f) Executive Officer: This is an honorary position held by the most immediate past president willing to serve.


In addition to the individual duties of office, the elected board shall be empowered to:
a) Rule on and set penalties or revoke membership as required for members who disregard range rules or any other rule(s) of conduct herein which are put in place by a general membership vote.
b) A member who had been accused of a rule violation and has had a proposed penalty levied against the member may appeal the decision of the board and request a hearing by the general membership. Such an appeal must be received by the board, in writing, no later than 15 days from the date of receipt by the member of the letter of information from the board.
c) The board’s decision may be reversed, amended, or modified by a two-thirds vote of the members present at the next open meeting.
d) Not every possible situation can be anticipated and addressed in the rules and by-laws. Therefore, the Board and rangemasters have the authority to take any action needed to ensure the safe operation of the range and club events.



To hold office in the TEHACHAPI SPORTSMAN CLUB a person must be a dues paying member or a life member as per By-Laws.
a) Election of officers shall take place at the eleventh meeting of each year. Nominations shall accepted at the tenth and eleventh meetings of the year.
b) Election of officers shall be by a vote of the majority of the members present at the election meeting.
Any elected officer who misses three or more meetings without good cause or who fails to notify another board member in advance of their pending absence shall be subject to recall and replacement.


a) Meetings shall be held monthly on a date and time reserved for this purpose. Special meetings may be called by the president as required with appropriate notice given.
b) Meetings of the executive board may be held at a separate time and place as determined by the president. Executive board meetings may be attended by any invited member who has club business
to present.



a) Committees shall be those necessary to accomplish club activities and business. Committees may be established and cancelled as needed.
b) The committee chairman shall be appointed by the current president with board approval. Committees shall be presided over by each committee chairman who shall report directly to the executive board.
c) Scholarship Committee: It is a yearly tradition for the club to offer a college scholarship to high school seniors who are attending school in the Tehachapi school district. The scholarship will be based on a written essay that is submitted by the student. A Scholarship Committee (SC) shall be formed at the regular club meeting in October. The club members at the October meeting shall vote or the scholarship amount, generally $1000. The SC shall consist of three volunteers who are club members in good standing. If necessary, the members at the meeting will vote on the final three SC volunteers.
1) The SC will confer among themselves and choose one simple topic for the scholarship essay. The topic should be related to guns, shooting, hunting, or wildlife conservation. The topic shall be presented to the membership at the January meeting.
2) When the scholarship papers are received, the SC will meet to discuss their merits and determine a winner. The SC will report the winner to the club at the first regular meeting after receiving the essays.
3) The SC may recommend that no scholarship be awarded itnone of the essays are suitable. The SC may recommend that a ri place scholarship be awarded if more than one essay is deserving.
4) The essay must include;
a. A title page with the name of the submitter, title of the essay, and the date submitted.
b. Between 5 and 7 double spaced typewritten pages.
c. A topic stated on page 1 of the essay.
Page 5 of 7
d. A separate reference page with at least 2 references.
5) Judging
a. The winner will be chosen by the SC based on how well the essay answers and relates to the topic.
b. Grammar, spelling, and content are also taken into consideration for judging.



a) The yearly membership dues shall be set by a vote of the membership present at the last general meeting of the year.
b) All sitting board members shall receive, upon completion of their year’s service, an exemption from the following year’s dues.
c) All range masters shall receive, upon completion of a full year’s service, an exemption from the following year’s dues.
d) All membership dues, as well as other monies collected shall be used for range maintenance, club improvements and any other normal operating expenses,
e) All additional expenditures shall be voted on by the general membership.


A fine or assessment may be set by a vote of the majority of the members present at the meeting but not limited to the following;
a) Disruptive or foul language at meetings.
b) Intentional destruction of club property or facilities.
a) Construction projects.
b) Donations to good causes
An annual member for renewal purposes shall be a person who was a paid member during the previous year. A break in membership of one year or more shall call for a new membership.


An honorary life membership may be awarded as follows; Having served on the board of officers for two or more consecutive years, a member may be approved for a life membership by a vote of the majority of the members present at the meeting. Any person may be nominated by a current club member.
Life membership may be revoked for cause by a 2/3 vote of the membership present at the meeting with said member to revert to full dues paying membership.


a) Any number of club sponsored shooting events may be authorized to be held throughout the year. One or more club rangemasters shill be present at these events and shall be responsible for coordination of said event. The club will generally provide targets for these events but is not responsible for providing guns and ammunition. The responsible rangemaster shall collect any entry and/or target fees and turn said fees into the club treasury. Non-members may participate in these events but must be accompanied by a full voting member.
b) Unscheduled target and/or practice shooting is authorized. Shooters will provide their own targets as well as guns and ammunition for these events. A club rangemaster is not required to be present for these unscheduled events. Non-members may participate in these events but must be accompanied by a full voting member.
c) The conduct of all range activities shall be governed by the Sportsman Club range rules, as attached and/or modified by a vote of the majority of the members present at the meeting.