The Tehachapi Sportsman Club (TSC) was organized to promote conservation of wildlife and preserve Second Amendment Rights.

The TSC hosts a number of activities during the year, including:

Informal Target Practice
Club Organized Rifle and Pistol Shoots
Organized Shotgun Events
Scholarship Award Essay Contests

Because people are stupid we’ve had to adopt some new rules.  There was a fire started on the hill on the north side of the range.  Because they couldn’t find an ignition source and there were some people shooting steel jacketed bullets, the Kern County Arson investigator is blaming the bullet.  Therefore, any bullet containing any amount of steel is prohibited on the range.  If you don’t know what a bullet is, contact us through this website and we’ll explain it to you.

Now, here’s the stupid part:
While there were firemen up on the hill making sure there were no more hot spots, a few people wanted to continue to shoot.  Yes, I know this is obvious to any normal person, but people still wanted to shoot WHILE THERE WERE PEOPLE DOWN RANGE.  It is a rule of the club and it taught in the orientation class, that there will be no shooting or handling of firearms while someone is down range.  I can’t believe I have to say it again, but NO HANDLING OF FIREARMS WHILE SOMEONE IS IN FRONT OF THE FIRING LINE (i.e. down range)!!!

Club Hours

The rifle and pistol ranges are open to members 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.